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"Royal Pest Control has been invaluable in providing pest control at my office and for our tenants.  Richard is very professional,  considerate and is always a pleasure to do business with. He consistently exceeds my expectations.  I have also chosen to entrust Royal Pest Control to do services at my personal residence as well.  His treatment is highly effective and he offers competitive pricing."

Heather Steinert - Northwest Family Physicians

Commercial pest control


A thorough inspection of the area in which an infestation occurs is the key to controlling or eliminating any pest problem. An inspection enables the technician to diagnose the problem and identify which pests are causing the hazard or infestation.

Royal Pest control offers eco friendly pest control solutions

Eco-friendly solutions

Royal Pest Control will work with you and your family to handle the particularly vulnerable areas of your property with eco-friendly pest control solutions. We are sensitive to your children and animal's environments. We will pay close attention to these areas while we deliver practical solutions to your pest control needs.

Interior and exterior pest control

Preventative Maintenance

Interior treatments

Once an infestation is detected, there are several methods to treat the problem. Solutions may include liquid treatments, baiting with gels, placements of glue boards or dusting crawl space and attics. 

Once the infestation is eliminated, a preventive maintenance program is critical to keep the infestation from reoccurring. Royal Pest Control offers several maintenance options to best fit your needs. 

Monthly - Every other month - Quarterly

Semi-annual - Annual - One time 

Exterior pest control

Exterior treatments

Perimeter treatments place a protective barrier around your home that is not easily breached by insects. Doors, windows and all other exterior entryways will become off limits to those occasional invaders. Rodent and insect activity can be reduced by limiting access to your business or home. Royal Pest Control will provide expert tips to limit access to the interior of your home. Caulking, weed removal & reducing water puddles are just a few ways to naturally prevent and eliminate pests.

Richard Roy, Owner, Royal Pest Control is professional, reliable and an expert on pests that infest Kansas and Wichita.

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Royal Pest Control's Story

Royal Pest Control Owner Richard Roy has been offering the Wichita area with reliable  and quality Pest Control Service for over 15 years. With a focus on personalized service, competitive rates, and customer satisfaction, Royal Pest Control is constantly striving to meet and exceed our high standards and our clients’ expectations.

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Why do so many businesses and homeowners in the Wichita area choose Royal Pest Control to keep their property free of pests? Because for the past 15 years, Richard Roy and Royal Pest Control has been an industry leader in pest management. We take care of any pest issues in a professional manner and to your full satisfaction.

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