FAQ/expert advice

How do I tell the difference between an ant and a termite?

A. There are three major characteristic differences in the appearance between the

two.  An ant has a pinched waistline, whereas a termite's waistline is a consistent

shape. An ant has elbowed antennae, whereas a termite's antennae is straight.

While both have 2 sets of wings, an ant's wings differ in length with one set long

and the other short. Whereas a termite's wing sets are both the same length.


Do I have to leave my house for a treatment?

A. It is not necessary to leave your house for any services that Royal Pest administers.


How do I get rid of gnats in my house?

A. There are many reasons why gnats infest your home or business. Some ways to prevent gnats: Drains that are dry need water added to them so sewer gases and insect habitation can be curtailed.  Secondly, removal of fruit and other organic food sources which have aged tend to be breeding grounds for gnats and their eggs.  Thirdly, the removal of plants or the changing of potting soil inside the home.  Gnats lay eggs in the soil which in turn incubates the eggs.

I’ve had several companies treat my house for brown recluse spiders but I still have them.  What can be done?

A. Though most sightings of brown recluse spiders occur in the living areas, garages and utility rooms within the home, it is the unseen areas that many times harbor  the greatest populations of these pests.  A thorough dusting of both crawl spaces and attics is sometimes needed to control both the spiders and their food sources such as silverfish.

I have found an insect that looks like a roach.  Do I need an appointment to identify it?

A. When finding a insect that you cannot identify, simply take a picture with your smartphone and send it to 316-619-4182 for identification and the pest professionals at Royal Pest Control will identify it for you and offer suggestion for treatment.  

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